Jinnah Fellowship for Future Leaders

The Jinnah Fellowship of Future Leaders, a great leadership initiative brings up to 500 future leaders under one platform from globe for a comprehensive executive-style program that is designed to build emerging tech & other skills and empower fellows to lead in their respective sectors and communities.

Interactive Webinar with Intelligentsia on promoting positive social change in context of COVID-19

Volunteer Force Pakistan joined an Intelligentsia from U.S. and Sweden to highlight how positive social change can be created in the context of COVID-19. Through real-life experiences, the speakers inspired the audience to join them in their mission of social change.

Interaction with Sophie Ibbtosom, Uzbik Ambassador for Tourism and Consultant to World Bank on Tourism

The President & Senior Vice President of VFP had a webinar with Sophie Ibbtosom from U.K., who works for tourism in Uzbekistan and the World Bank. The speakers discussed the importance of social media for promoting tourism and helping connect with potential tourists and influencers. They also gave some advice and tips on how to create engaging and authentic content.