Independence Day is a national day of celebration which promotes love united nation, and raises the spirit of patriotism. When it comes to patriotism, spreading love, fostering education and rights, Volunteer Force Pakistan always stays ahead. Let me tell you more about Volunteer Force Pakistan (VFP).

VFP is a network of volunteers that equips young individuals with essential skills, fosters a spirit of patriotism, and provides a large network of volunteers for active societal contribution, driving a positive change in our nation. To accomplish VFP agenda, we decided to celebrate Independence Day with orphans. Let’s start the journey of celebration. 

On August 13th 2023, Volunteer Force Pakistan accompanied to celebrate Independence Day with the Orphans of Alkhidmat Agosh. VFP has organized a heartwarming event, ‘Kinship Ties’, with orphans to celebrate the happiness of August 14th. 

Kinship Ties, an empathetic event, was fully dedicated to orphans. Volunteers of VFP met at the Alkhidmat Agosh orphanage to express their affection and make pivotal memories with the orphans. The event was a lovely blend of patriotism and compassion, capturing the genuine spirit of Independence Day. 

The morning of August 13th was exciting as volunteers arrived, bringing a surge of good energy and a slew of activities scheduled for the day. The event’s major goal was to entertain the children and make them feel loved, treasured, and charged with patriotism. Around 50+ youth from different universities attended the event. They were excited and showed consent to become part of VFP.

VFP Independence Day at Orphanage

Every activity, from face painting to presenting gifts and singing national songs, was meant to spark their creativity and present them with moments of delight. Volunteers also organized activities that encouraged collaboration and camaraderie among the youngsters, assisting them in developing social skills and enduring friendships.

One of the beautiful highlights of the day was engaging in talks with orphans to build confidence and Pakistan’s unity in diversity. The face painting activity experienced a warm and inclusive atmosphere with varied colours and shapes coming together to make a harmonious whole.

As the day ended, the children were given gifts that brought smiles to their faces. The delight and thankfulness in their eyes demonstrated the power of a day of love and fellowship on young hearts.

The Independence Day celebration at Alkhidmat Agosh orphanage was not just about the physical presence; it was about sharing feelings, spreading smiles, and creating a legacy that would last a lifetime. The ceremony was a great reminder that although patriotism is about loving one’s country, it is also about loving those who have less and ensuring every citizen feels respected and cared for.

Long Live Pakistan!

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